Auto-populating Space/Unit Names

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If you're looking to reduce data entry for the Space/Unit Name and keep record names consistent, then you're at the right place! In this article you will learn how to create an automation for the Space/Unit Name field by merging multiple fields into one. 


1. Go to Setup and search for Process Builder in the Quick Find Search Bar, then select Process Builder. Click New to create a new process.

2. Insert general details of this automation. In this example, we will use the following criteria:

  • Process Name = "Auto-Populate Space Name"
  • Description = "This process will auto-populate the name on a space record"
  • Start the process = when a record is created or edited

3. You'll be brought to a new page that looks like a flow chart. Start with "+ Add Object": Search and select "Space/Unit" "Start the process..." when a record is created or editedScreen_Shot_2020-08-31_at_1.56.05_PM.png

4. Next, click "+ Add Criteria": Here we will set our requirements. In this example, we want our Space/Unit Name to populate with these fields: Property Name, Suite, and Space Type. Our criteria will state that these three fields are not blank in order for the Space/Unit Name to auto-populate. 

5. Next, we'll set the Immediate Action to take place as soon as the criteria is true. This means that as soon as a new Space/Unit record is created or edited AND the three fields we chose in step 4 all contain values, then the Space/Unit Name field will automatically populate.

Action Type = Update Records
Action Name = Update Space Name
Record Type = Select the TTL_Core__Unit__c record that started your processScreen_Shot_2020-08-31_at_2.04.36_PM.png


6. Finally, it's time to create the formula:
Field = Space/Unit Name
Type = Formula
Formula =  [TTL_Core__Unit__c].TTL_Core__Property__r.Name &" - #"& [TTL_Core__Unit__c].TTL_Core__Suite__c &" (" & TEXT([TTL_Core__Unit__c].TTL_Core__Space_Type__c) & ")"


  • &"everything in between quotations will be inserted into your text string, including spaces"&
  • & Ampersands are needed to join the fields
  • If your field is a picklist (Space Type in this example), then you need to enter: TEXT(use your field name

The output of this formula sample will look like: 5323 Levander Loop - #123 (Office) which is concatenating these fields: Property Name - Suite # (Space Type)

7. Click Use This Formula button Save Activate 

8. Create a dummy record to test it out! *Keep in mind that users will still need to input any value into the Space/Unit Name field before saving since it is a required field. Once the record is saved, the name will be overwritten by your new automation. 

Congratulations! You've created an automation using Process Builder to help your team save time and maintain a clean database. 


Please reach out to Product Support ( if you have any questions about formula fields.



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