How to Update Google Maps Location in a Property Record

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When creating a new property in Rethink, its location will be displayed on a map under Property Gallery & Map, according to the address you enter in the property record.





Sometimes, the Google Maps location reflected on the map is incorrect and/or needs to be refreshed.  Follow these steps to correct the location: 

1) Select Setup > Object Manager, and choose the Property object.




3) Go to Page Layouts and select the layout you wish to modify.




4) Find the Location field, as shown below.




Drag the Location field onto the Property Details area below, then click Save.




Now, search the property address in Google Maps.  Right-click on the location pinpoint and then select What's here?




The Latitude and Longitude coordinates will appear.  These coordinates can be copied and pasted to the Location field that you just added to the page layout. 






After entering the coordinates in the property record, click Save.  The correction location is now reflected on the map in the property record.




Please reach out to Product Support ( if you have questions about updating the Google Maps location in a property record.

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