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When you close (win) a deal, leverage the CommissionTrac + Rethink integration to create Voucher Drafts that contain 90% of a Voucher's required data, making it very easy to complete the Voucher data entry and create an active Voucher.

Rethink's 4 Deal Types convert neatly into either a Sale or Lease voucher in CommissionTrac.


In all cases, once Rethink has all of the necessary deal data and the deal is marked 'Closed - Won' use the 'Send to CommissionTrac' button to seamlessly transfer the Rethink data into a CommissionTrac Draft Voucher

In CommissionTrac, open this draft voucher, complete any additional data fields your brokerage may require and submit or send for approval to create an active voucher with a receivables ledger and the ability to create an invoice as desired.

Please reach out to Product Support ( if you have any questions about CommissionTrac Integration.

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