Creating a Custom Report Type

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This article explains how to create a custom report type.
Buildout's CRM platform includes lots of reports that have already been created for you, but there may be aspects of your business you need to report on which aren’t covered by any of the out-of-the-box report types. In these cases, simply create a new report type by following the video tutorial or step-by-step instructions below.
1. Go into Setup and enter “Report Types” into the Quick Find search box
2. Select New Custom Report
3. Select which records you’d like to report on. For this example, we’ll focus on Properties with Deals with Activities, so the primary object will be Properties. Next, create a name for your new report type and fill in the required fields (highlighted in red). Finally, you’ll need to select “Deployed” at the bottom of the page if you’re ready for this custom report type to go live, or “In Development” if you’re still working out the details and don’t want it to be visible to other users just yet. 
4. Next, you'll select your objects that you'd like to include in your report. Note that you'll need to decide whether each record must have at least one related record with that object, or if the records may or may not have a related record. Click Save to complete. 
5. Now, go back to Reports and select your new custom report type. 
Please reach out to Product Support ( if you have any questions about creating a custom report type.

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