Customizing Deal Stages in Deal Pipeline

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You have the ability to customize and reorder deal stages in Deal Pipeline to fit your workflow. Deal stages are especially useful when viewing your deals in Kanban list view, and are customizable for all deal record types.

1. Go to Setup Object Manager and select Deal Pipeline.


 2. Go to Fields and Relationships, then select Deal Stage.


3. Scroll down to Values and select New.


4. Enter the new Deal Stage picklist values in the large text area, each value on its own line.  Check the Record Types that the new values will apply to, then click Save.


5. Next, go to Record Types on the left and select a Record Type.


6. Click Edit next to Deal Stage -  the new values will be shown. Move any values you want to activate from the 'Available Values' area to the 'Selected Values' area.  To deactivate any picklist values and remove them from the Record Type, move the values over to 'Available Values'.  Click Save.  


7. Confirm the values have been successfully added by opening a record in Deal Pipeline:



 Please reach out to Product Support ( if you have any questions about customizing deal stages in Deal Pipeline.

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