What is a Dashboard?

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A dashboard is comprised of reports presented in a visual display to showcase key data points and trends. Dashboards are stored in folders, which control who has access - if you have access to a folder, then you can view the dashboards within the folder. However, to view the dashboard components, you need access to the reports as well. As a System Administrator you may need to develop team and/or individual dashboards and ensure that data is secure between teams and individuals. 

Dynamic dashboards allow each user to view the dashboard according to their own access level. If you’re concerned about too much access to specific data, then dynamic dashboards might be the best choice. 

To access Dashboards and launch the dashboard builder, navigate to the Dashboards object > click New Dashboard > enter a new name for your dashboard > store in your preferred Folder > click Create.


Insert a component to your new dashboard by selecting + Component. Select a single report* of choice and chart type for your new component. After adding the component you have options to resize it, remove it or update the data source.
* Note: you cannot choose joined reports or historical trend reports.


Please reach out to Product Support (support@rethinkcrm.com) if you have any questions about creating a dashboard.

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