Exporting Reports

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At times, you may need to export data externally or manipulate it in an Excel spreadsheet. You have the option of easily exporting data via reports in .CSV* and .XLS formats.  Use this help article as a guide when exporting reports.  This feature requires the 'Export Reports' permission at the user profile level.  
*Note that the .CSV export will not have formatting, groupings, or subtotals.

Exporting Reports

1. Go to the Reports tab

2. Locate the report you want to export, or create a new one

3. Click the drop-down arrow Down arrow icon. next to Edit and select Export

4. Choose a format for the export:

  • Formatted Report: Export the report as it appears in Salesforce, including the report header, groupings, and filter details; OR
  • Details Only: Export only the detail rows. Use this to do further calculations or for uploading to other systems.

5. Once the export is processed, it will appear in your browser's download bar at the bottom. Simply click on it to access the file.

If you need to export all of your data or require recurring mass exports, please review this article for more information


Please reach out to Product Support (rethinkcrm@buildout.com) if you have any questions about accessing your data. 


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