Preparing Your Data For Import

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This article contains instructions on how to prepare your data for import.

Importing Data with Data Import Wizard

Please use the following resources to help you understand how to prepare and upload your data:

1. Import Process

2. Data Import Template

3. Pre-Import Checklist from Salesforce

If you will be uploading your existing data into Rethink, it is critical that your data is well-organized and deduplicated to ensure everything is uploaded correctly. If you run into issues during the process, we highly encourage you to use one of our data migration partners to carry out the service for you.  Contact your Rethink account manager for more details. 

Whether you will be using Data Import Wizard or Data Loader, you will need to export your data from its original source to an Excel (CSV) file. Keep in mind that your data will need to be separated into the following types of data, each in their own CSV spreadsheet, and must be imported in the following order:

  1. Contacts & Companies
  2. Properties
  3. Spaces/Units
  4. Deal Pipeline
  5. Comps
  6. Activities (Tasks/Events)

You will then organize your data into columns that correspond with the fields in Rethink. Note that if you have already created custom fields in Rethink, you will need to include those as columns in your Excel document as well. Once you have organized the data and it is ready for upload, save your Excel document in CSV format.


Preparing Contacts & Companies

If you look at the headers in the upload template below and compare them with the fields on the Contact and Company records in Rethink, you will see that the headers match existing fields Rethink. If the fields do not correspond, you will have to manually map the field during the import process; otherwise, any unmapped fields will be ignored and will not be uploaded into Rethink. 

Note: Column names in red are required fields.Screen_Shot_2021-12-20_at_12.18.44_PM.png






Preparing Properties

Organizing your property data will follow the same guidelines as above. If you would like to link properties to contacts, then both the first and last name of the contact must be input into the Property Owner (Contact) field. 

Note: Column names in red are required fields.





Preparing Spaces/Units

Continue to follow the same process for spaces/units. In order to link a space/unit to its corresponding property, the property name must be entered in the Property field. Similarly, in order to link the space/unit with a tenant, the tenant company name must be entered in the Tenant field and tenant contact name must be entered in the Tenant Contact field.

Note: Column names in red are required fields.





Please reach out to Product Support ( if you have any questions about how to prepare your data for import.

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