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GEOsearch is a multifunctional tool used to create prospecting call lists, property e-mailers, and comps in PDF format.

In this article, you will learn the fundamentals of how to use GEOsearch to query your existing Property, Space, Deal, and Comp data.

GEOsearch Layout

1. Search Bar: This is where you can begin to build the criteria for your search
2. Imagery: Select your preferred view of Map or Satellite
3. Mouse: Toggle between moving the map, drawing a radius from a particular location, or using the polygon for a dynamic way to segment a region
4. Saved Searches: If you need to easily access a type of search you frequently conduct, then you have the option to save it to use next time and then access it from the folder. 
5. Organize: Organize your results by Sorting, select the information you want to View in the Results Panel (Property details, Contact details, Company details, etc.), and Select All or multiple records to take one of the following actions listed below. 
6. Actions: Allows you to add your results to a List for prospecting, send an email of the results to a contact in the database, generate a PDF, and pull up the Property or Space in Google Maps or create a tour map. 
7. Results Panel: The results from the query you built. 


Now that we understand the general layout, we can begin to build our search.

Select the type of data you want to view from the drop down menu shown below.  For example, Properties. Selecting the circle next to the type will set it as your personal default view (varies per user).


We can begin constructing our search using the filter buttons in the search bar.  Select 'More' to access advanced search filters to narrow down your results.


Once the desired filter criteria is input, your search results will display in the search results panel to the right.  In this example, we are looking at property data in our database. Select a property (or multiple properties) to view its information on the map.


You can change your view by selecting the View option.  In this example, we have the option of displaying property owner contact information or management companies. Your options will differ depending on your search type (Property, Space/Unit, Comp, or Deals).


When viewing Property or Space/Unit data, select the desired search results from the search results panel, then click the mail icon to generate an email that includes those particular listings.  You may send the email here from within Rethink to any contact in your database. This will allow you to easily compile listings (properties or spaces) you want to share with your client.  More information on this Property Sites feature can be found in this article.


Now that we understand how to use GEOsearch, we can dive right into how to create your call lists for prospecting in this next article


Contact Rethink Product Support at if you have questions about GEOsearch, or would like to provide your product feedback.


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