Cirrus Insight Setup (Desktop & Mobile)

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Install Cirrus Insight on your Desktop

Cirrus Insight allows you to sync your Calendar & Emails with Rethink, track emails, schedule appointments, set follow-ups & more.

1. Navigate to

2. Select "Click here to install" and install the associated app for your email service
3. After installation is complete, exit your email service (if you have not done so already), and re-open your email service. You and your users will be prompted a right-hand side panel to log into Salesforce using Rethink login credentials. 
Additionally, Cirrus Insight has numerous resources available on their site - you can find more tutorials here!

Install Cirrus Insight on your Phone

Install Cirrus Insight on your iPhone, iPad or Android device, so you can update and use Salesforce as you work in your mobile inbox.

    1. Use your phone’s web browser and navigate to
    2. Log in using your Rethink username and password.

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