Rethink User Profile Types

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Rethink is designed to support a team environment, and be customizable for your specific needs. Depending on your data sharing preferences, Rethink can be configured to broadly share data between brokers, or carefully restrict access.

To support this, Rethink is built around three different types of users:

  1. System Administrators
  2. Advanced Users
  3. Standard Users


System Administrator

Admins have special permissions. In addition to having full access to all user records and data in the system, they manage things like user accounts, sharing rules, objects, workflows, validation rules, reports, and more. Admins are planners, problem-solvers, and heroes - please review this article to learn more about the role and responsibilities. All Rethink organizations have at least one administrator. Your administrator’s role can be as simple or as complex as your company’s size and structure. Below are just a few examples of what system administrators do in Rethink:

  • Create a custom workflow
  • View and modify all records in the database
  • Create custom approval processes
  • Develop custom report types
  • Create custom permission sets assigned to specific users
  • Answer questions about your own or others’ access to records.
  • Install applications from the AppExchange (limitations do apply in terms of what applications) 

A special license type called 'Salesforce' is required to set up a user as a system administrator.  The standard 'Salesforce Platform' broker license will not suffice.  To change a normal user to a system administrator or a system administrator to a normal user, a license change request must be submitted to Salesforce Partner Support. To initiate this change, please contact


Rethink Advanced User

Rethink Advanced Users can Read, Create, Edit, Delete, and View All records in the database (records they own, and records other users own). 

This profile type requires a 'Salesforce Platform' license.


Rethink Standard User

Rethink Standard Users can Read, Create, Edit, and Delete records they own (create). This profile will ensure privacy amongst users as it will not allow viewing or editing of other users' deals, contacts, etc. 

This profile type requires a 'Salesforce Platform' license.


How to Edit Profile Permissions 

Go into SetupUsers > Profiles and select Edit next to the profile name. Locate the section labeled Custom Object Settings.

See the video below for more details: 


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