Subscribing to Reports

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Users, Groups, and/or Roles can subscribe to receive up-to-date reports by email on a set schedule. This feature might be helpful to a manager who needs an updated report each week before a team meeting.

When a user subscribes to a report, they will receive the report in their inbox at the scheduled date and time.  This article will step you through the process of subscribing to reports.

1. Go to the Reports tab

2. Locate the report you want to export (or create a new one)

3. Click the drop-down arrow Down arrow icon. next to Edit, then choose Subscribe

4. Set the desired frequency, days, and time for the emailed report

5. Click Edit Recipients to add or remove report recipients and subscribers.

6. Under Run Report As*, specify which user the report will be run under:

  • Me: The report will be run under your user, and recipients will see report data as you.
  • Another Person: Specify someone who has permission to run reports, and who has access to the report. Recipients see emailed report data as the person running the report. Consider that they may see more or less data than they normally would. 

7. Save your changes.  A checkmark will appear next to any reports that you are subscribed to.

Considerations for Subscribed Reports

  • Each user can set up subscriptions for up to 5 reports
  • Subscription recipients aren't listed on the report subscription emails
  • Subscriptions aren’t supported for historical tracking reports
  • Subscriptions aren’t supported for joined reports


Please reach out to Product Support ( if you have any questions.

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