Adding Co-Brokers or Contacts to a Deal

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This article provides instructions on how to add co-brokers (internal colleagues) and contacts to a deal using the Associated Parties related list. Although this article is specific to deals, the same principal can be applied to properties (e.g. for adding multiple owners to a property).

Associated Parties is a related list that is used to house individuals who have had some role in the deal, such as co-brokers, property owners, lenders, contractors, etc.  You can find the Associated Parties related list under the Related tab or in the quick links section in the deal.


You can add individuals to Associated Parties in a few different ways:

  • Click New in the Associated Parties related list, choose Internal Colleague or External Contact, then use the lookup fields provided to search for the individual you wish to relate to the deal.


  • Or, simply click Add External Contact or Add Internal Colleague at the top of the deal, then use the lookup fields to search for the contact you wish to add to the deal.


External Contacts

External Contacts are individuals who are associated with the deal but do not work in your organization.  Examples of external contacts are lenders or landlords.

In the example below, the External Contact is a landlord, so 'Landlord' would be selected under Role.


Internal Colleagues

Internal Colleagues are individuals who are associated with the deal and work in your organization. These individuals may or may not have access to Rethink (although they typically do). Usually, internal colleagues will be co-brokers or administrators.

Access to the deal record for Internal Colleague can be set to Read, or Read/Write.  Set the Access Level accordingly when adding colleagues.

Choose the most appropriate role from the list that best defines how this person relates to the deal. These picklist values are customizable.

Track commissions and broker fees by filling in the data.

After saving, the contact(s) will be listed under Associated Parties.


Managing Associated Parties

To see all persons associated with a deal, select "View All" in the Associated Parties related list.


To edit or remove an associated party from a deal, click the drop-down arrow next to their name and make your selection. Deleting an associated party from the deal will not delete their contact record.

To view complete details of an associated party, click on the Assigned Party Name.


When viewing an associated party, easily open related records by clicking on the linked data.  



Generate List of Associated Parties

Easily generate a list of contacts from Associated Parties by clicking the 'Send Contact Email' button. 

This will generate an email in the Activity panel containing first name, last name, email, and phone number.  If the information is not available, the field will be marked as N/A.



Please reach out to Product Support ( if you have additional questions. 


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