How to Update Default GEOsearch Location

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This article provides steps on how to update the location in GEOsearch so it always defaults to a particular region.

1. Go into Setup > Custom Settings and click Manage next to 'Rethink Settings' (List).


2. Click Edit next to 'Default':


3. Input the latitude and longitude coordinates in the corresponding boxes as shown:



4. The default zoom setting can also be adjusted by entering a number from 1 to 10 in the Browser Map Default Zoom field.  By default, the zoom setting is set to 10. 


To view the whole lower 48 states in GEOsearch, change the setting to 4.


5. Click Save when done, and refresh your browser for the changes to take effect.


Other default settings for Rethink can be updated in this area as well once you are comfortable with it.


Please reach out to Product Support ( if you have any questions.


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