Installing SmartCloud

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If you are using another email sync tool such as Cirrus, Outlook for Lightning Sync or Gmail for Lightning sync, you will have to disable that set up before installing and configuring SmartCloud.


This article will walk you through installing SmartCloud for Office365, for older Exchange servers, please refer to this article.


  1. Open the Office 365 Outlook apps management link:
  2. Enter your login (email address) and password used to access Office 365 and sign in.               
  3. If your login credentials were entered correctly, the Manage add-in page opens. On this page, click the + (Add) button.


4. You can install the Add-In from one of the following sources, select ‘Add from URL’:


5. In the URLfield of the pane that appears, enter the following link: 


6. On the next page, click Install


7. Once done, icons to open SmartCloud Connect will appear on the Outlook app ribbon bar, click ‘Open SmartCloud Connect’:


8. Click the Connect to Salesforce button. A browser window with Salesforce OAuth page will open.


9. Enter your Salesforce credentials on the page or select a previously saved account’s username and click Log In.


10. Now you need to confirm granting SmartCloud Connect permissions to work with Salesforce data, by clicking Allow in the following dialog window:


11. The last step will be to activate synchronization engine which will enable full SmartCloud Connect functionality. To do that, click on menu icon -> Set up Sync in the side panel:


12. Authorize with your Office365 account in the pop-up OAuth window. Make sure that Sync is up and running on Dashboard page.


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Please reach out to Product Support ( if you have any questions about SmartCloud.

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