Mass Deleting Records

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Deleting individual records can be tedious and time consuming. The Mass Delete Records tool will save you time and effort by allowing you to delete multiple records and reports in bulk.  Follow the steps in this article to learn how.

You may want to use the Mass Delete Records tool when:

  • You want to clean up your data by getting rid of records or reports that are no longer relevant
  • You imported data incorrectly

Step 1: To perform a mass delete, go into Setup > Mass Delete Records



Step 2: Select the type of record you'd like to delete. In this example, we will select Reports



Step 3: Select criteria for the information you'd like to delete. For example, we want to delete all Property reports created before June 2019, so we'll select the fields shown below:



Step 4: Select the specific reports you'd like to delete or click the Select All box highlighted below to delete all of the search results, then click the Delete button. 




 Please reach out to Product Support ( if you have any questions about Mass Deleting Records. 

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