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This article will help you achieve a better understanding of the different views to organize your deals, various deal stages, sections within a deal, and functions of each component (or related list) on the page layout. 


When you enter the Deal Pipeline tab, you will have two views available to display your records. 

  • The Table view is the default and looks much like a spreadsheet. You can edit fields to display in the columns, and even filter and sort. 


  • The Kanban view shows tiles (records) that are sorted into columns. You can change how the columns and summaries display via the Kanban settings option. Generally, for the Deal Pipeline, the columns are set to the Deal Stages, and it summarizes by Gross Commission



Deal Stages - Tenant Rep

The standard stages for Tenant Rep are listed below. We recommend that your organization customize these to your specific workflow. How to Update Picklist Values will guide you through changing Deal Stage values.


  1. Prospect
  2. Pursuit
  3. Assignment
  4. Survey/Tours
  5. RFP
  6. Lease Execution
  7. Closed


  • Details hold basic information of the deal, like Deal Name, Property, Stage, and Status.


  • Pipeline Management holds information pertaining to the commission and how it is split with the house.


  • Client Requirement holds the requirements of the client pertaining to this specific deal, like Rent Amount or Date Availability.



  • Lease Execution holds information pertaining to the finalization of the deal, like actual rent amount, lease term, etc.



Associated Parties

Associated Parties are anyone that you add to a deal, whether they be an Internal Colleague or External Contact.

  • Internal Colleague could be a Co-Broker, in which case you can give them access to the deal and also split the commission with them here.Screen_Shot_2019-08-21_at_2.08.43_PM.png
  • External Contacts link a contact in your system to the deal and also assign them a role; that role can be anything from the Landlord Broker on the other end of the deal, to a secondary owner, to a Contact at the Property management company that lets you in the building.Screen_Shot_2019-08-21_at_2.12.09_PM.png


Site Selections 

Site Selections hold information (including tour data) pertaining to all possible site selections that have been chosen for this particular client and deal.  



The New Offer button will take information pertaining to any new Offer, as well as keep track of that offer's stages and other pertinent information. 


All activity, past or future, are held in the Activities section of the deal pipeline. You can log calls, emails, or events; and even create and maintain tasks from here.



Please reach out to Product Support ( if you have any questions about Deal Pipeline - Tenant Rep.

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