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In this article, you will learn how to save email drafts as templates and mass email contacts directly from your CRM.

Creating Email Templates

Buildout CRM provides a simple solution to either insert a template that has already been created or compose a new template on the fly - then save and send!

Follow the clip below to draft your email template. Consider using merge fields for a personal touch.


For a one-off email using a template, open a new email and select the template from the menu, as seen below (notice this is where you'll insert or save a template):


For additional guidance on using Email Templates, please refer to Salesforce help articles - this link will get you started!


Mass Emailing Contacts

Currently, Contacts is the only object with mass email functionality.

Let's start by creating your email list. Go to Contacts and use the filter function to drill down your target audience. Refer to Creating or Editing List Views if you need more help with creating a custom list from a list view:


Next, select all contacts from your filtered list and click the Send List Email button.


This is where Merge Fields will come in handy as you personalize your content for your e-blast:





Select an email template or create one from scratch - then review your email and send!


Please reach out to Product Support ( if you have any questions about email templates and mass emailing. 


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