Keeping Up with Calendar Events

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Events are a powerful tool for keeping on top of client relationships and closing deals. You can relate events to Deals, Properties, Contacts and more. Events can be easily tracked on your calendar and in reports. Create, update, and track meetings using the home page, your calendar or calendars you create. 

On the Home page, Today’s Events show the next five meetings on your calendar for the day, while past events disappear as your day progresses.mceclip0.png

To view and manage your events, click on Calendar in the navigation bar.

Share your calendar with your coworkers by clicking the drop-down arrow and selecting Share Calendar.  Furthermore, subscribe to calendars and - if the appropriate permissions are enabled - add or modify calendar events for your coworkers. 


When creating a new event, there are standard fields for capturing the event details. Custom fields can be added by going into Setup > Object ManagerActivityThis article will guide you through the process of creating custom fields.




To remove a contact from an event without deleting the event, click the Edit button in the event, then click the 'x' next to the name of the contact.


Tracking Deal Pipeline Dates in Calendar

You have the ability to create custom calendars from almost any object.  To create a custom calendar, click the settings cogwheel and choose New Calendar, then choose the date field you want to track (e.g. Lease Expiration Dates, from the Deal Pipeline object).  The data in that field will then be displayed as calendar items so you can stay on top of important dates.  

The video clip below demonstrates how to create a calendar based on 'Close Date' in Deal Pipeline.


Adding Tasks to Your Calendar

Want to add Tasks to your calendar?  Simply create a new calendar (click the settings cogwheel and choose New Calendar) and make the following selections.

Calendar Name
Tasks Due
Field for Start
Due Date Only (Date)
Field for End
Due Date Only (Date)
Apply a Filter (Optional)
My Tasks
Field Name to Display



Now you can see task due dates in your calendar alongside your events!




Tasks are based on due dates (date only) and are not time-dependent (date/time).  To create time-based tasks, ask your Rethink system administrator to replace the Due Date field in the Task layout with a custom Date/Time field. When creating your calendar, ensure that you select the new Date/Time field as Field for Start.


Please reach out to Product Support ( if you have any questions about creating events and calendars.



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