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This article will show you how to set up Action Plans in Rethink.  Action Plans are templates of predefined tasks or activities - sort of like a 'canned' to-do list - that can be mass applied to a record in order to promote efficiency. 

Let's say you're managing your clients' renewals and you've struggled to stay ahead of leases and everything that follows: rental increase, sending renewal options, processing returned renewal, marketing, collecting payment, etc. Action Plans will help keep you on track, loop in other co-brokers or colleagues, and keep you ahead of the game by automatically assigning tasks to those responsible. 

Creating an Action Plan Template

Go to the App Launcher and type in Action Plan Templates, then select it from the results.


Click New and fill out your Action Plan details. Below are explanations and considerations for Action Plans:

  1. Select how many Days After the Action Plan will begin. This value determines the due date of the task. For tasks with no dependency, the due date will be offset from the plan start date. For tasks with a dependency, the due date will be offset with the expected due date of the task in which it depends on.  If 0, then the task will due immediately. 
  2. Choose who to Assign To (if left blank, it will default to whoever assigns the Action Plan to the record page).
  3. Select the Category (Email, Phone, Meeting, etc.) as the desired action for the assignee.
  4. Select the Level of Priority (High, Medium, Low) as a reminder of timeliness.
  5. Check Send Email to send an alert via email when the task is due.
  6. Check Reminder to send a task notification in Rethink when the task is due.
  7. Add Additional Comments as a note to yourself or others.
  8. If your Action Plan will contain just one task, then click Save. If additional tasks will be included, then select Add New Task to continue the process. 
    • When adding more tasks, please note that when Task Dependency is selected, the "Days After" is dependent on the completion of the task. 


Below is an example of a detailed Action Plan:


Action Plans can be started or assigned in a couple of ways; through a Property, Deal, Contact, or Call List widget.

Applying an Action Plan to a Record

In this example, we will be applying an Action Plan to a property record. You will notice there is an Action Plan related list (in the Related tab of the record). Select the drop-down arrow and click Apply Action Plan


Next, select the Action Plan you wish to apply.  These details are editable.  Ensure that you set the Plan Start Date.


Note: Action Plan functionality does not work on Spaces/Units.

Applying an Action Plan to a List

Assuming you have already created a List and Action Plan template, you can use the List widget located in the utility bar to apply the template to a call list.



Edit Category Values in Action Plan Templates

The fields and options that are displayed in Action Plan Templates can be found in the following area:

  • Go into Setup > Object Manager
  • Choose 'APT Task'

It's not possible to create new fields to Action Plan Templates - however, to update the values under the 'Category' field, click on 'Fields & Relationships' on the left, choose 'Category', then scroll down to Values as shown below.



Please reach out to Product Support ( if you have any questions about Action Plans. 


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