How to Change System Administrators (Unable to Login or Reset Password)

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These instructions will apply if there are no system administrators who are able to log in. If your company has a system administrator who can successfully log in, then have them log in and go into "Setup | Manage Users | Users" to change the email address or other details of the user.

Otherwise, if you have access to the former administrator's email, consider using the "forgot password" option at the login page to reset the password and regain access to the account. If you own the corporate email domain, you can use this password reset option and have the password reset email intercepted by your internal email administrator.

If these approaches do not work, and no authorized system administrator can access your org, Salesforce Support can help change the email address in the system administrator user profile to allow you to initiate a password reset. In order to do this, Salesforce will require a formal letter from a C-Level officer (e.g. CEO, CIO, CFO, Business Owner, etc).  Please find the required format for this letter below.

Once you have completed the letter, send it to the Buildout support team and they will forward it to Salesforce Support for processing.  After Salesforce receives the letter, they will research the information provided and take action to preserve the security and integrity of the data within the account.

On a company letterhead, please provide the following information:

****************************** Admin Change Request letter ******************************

1. What is the username on the user record that you are requesting to change?

2. What is the new email address? (This should be a corporate email address as opposed to a gmail, yahoo, or similar email address.)

3. What is the brief reason for the change?

4. What is the Case Number you opened with Salesforce Support?  (Buildout support team can assist with this.)

5. C-level executive signature (CEO, CIO, CFO, Business Owner, etc.). The signature must include the executive title and their email address.

Thank you,

Executive Name
Executive Title
Executive Phone number
Executive Email address

[ - executive signature -]

Salesforce Support and legal teams will review and validate the request and act accordingly. If approved we will make the requested change and notify, via email from the case, the person requesting and the C-level executive authorizing the change. We will then change the email address as requested allowing the user to reset the password (using forgot the password) and log into the account. 

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