Deal Stage Tracker Setup & Overview

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Deal Stage Tracker is a great component used to track how many days a deal has been in a particular stage. Knowing how many days a deal is spent in each stage (prospect, listing, escrow, etc.) can be vital. This information can help your business understand what your opportunities are so you can improve the way you process deals. This article explains how to add the Deal Stage Tracker component to your page layout and where to go to configure how the columns are displayed.




Adding Deal Stage Tracker to the Deal Pipeline Page Layout

There are two areas to navigate in Rethink in order to ensure the component has been added. Follow the steps below to add the component to the page layout.

1) Open any deal record in the Deal Pipeline object.

2) Click the Setup (Screen_Shot_2019-12-27_at_2.11.37_PM.png) on the top right-hand corner of the page.

3) Select Edit Object.

4) Select Page Layouts on the left side.

5) Click on the page layout you wish to modify.

6) Select Related Lists in the top console (gray box shown below).

7) Next, locate Deal Stage Tracker and drag it onto the page layout below.

8) Click Save.


Note: The above steps must be repeated for every page layout in Deal Pipeline, as indicated below.


9) Access the Lightning Page Editor by opening any deal record, then going to Setup > Edit Page (see animation below).

10) Locate the Related List - Single component from the list on the left.

11) Drag and drop the Related List - Single component onto the top of the page.

12) In the right panel, select Deal Stage Tracker from the Related List drop-down menu. 

13) Click the Activation button and ensure that it is set as the default for your org.

14) Click the Close button on the bottom right-hand corner.

15) Lastly, click the Save button on the top right-hand corner.


This will redirect you to the deal record you were previously viewing.


Using the Deal Stage Tracker

Once the Deal Stage Tracker component has been set up, you may notice the component states Deal Stage Tracker (0) even though your deal has moved through various stages:


It is important to note that the Deal Stage Tracker will only begin to track deals after it has been added to your layout. In other words, the component does not retroactively work on deals that were created prior to this setup. Additionally, when using the path on the top of the page to change a deal stage, these changes will not initially reflect in the Deal Stage Tracker; you must refresh your browser to see the changes.


Customizing Display Fields for Deal Stage Tracker

When the Deal Stage Tracker is initially added, only one field - Deal Stage Tracker Name - will be shown.  There are lots of other fields that may be displayed, such as:

  • Number of Days In Stage
  • Start Date
  • End Date
  • ...and more

Below are the steps on how to display additional fields in Deal Stage Tracker:


These customizations will be reflected within the deal record, after refreshing your browser:



Please reach out to Product Support ( if you have any questions about Deal Stage Tracker setup.  



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