Creating Tasks in Rethink

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This article will explain how to create tasks in Rethink. Tasks differ from calendar events in that they are to-do items rather than scheduled calendar events (such as meetings).  In Rethink, you have the ability to relate your tasks to records like contacts, deals, and properties, and others.

The Today's Tasks component on the home page will provide you with a snapshot of your tasks based on your filter criteria:


To view all of your tasks, click on 'View All'.  This will take you to the Tasks tab.  Here, you have the ability to view, edit and create tasks.

Creating Tasks

You can create tasks in various ways - a few options are listed below:

  • By clicking 'New Task' in the Global Actions [+] menu, which is always visible at the top of your page in Rethink:


  • By going to the Tasks tab and selecting 'New Task' from the menu.


  • From within a record by clicking 'New Task' in the Activity panel to the right.


  • Via Action Plans.  To learn more about Action Plans, check out this help article.

To view tasks by stage, use the Kanban View.  This list view will allow you to quickly identify where you are at with your tasks and move them along to other stages simply by dragging and dropping them into different cards. 


List View (Table View) and Split View are also available for Tasks.  With Split View, you have the ability to search while working on individual tasks.

Table View


Split View


A group of pre-defined Tasks, or processes, are called Action Plans in Rethink - which is outlined here.


Recurring Tasks

You can also create recurring (or repeating) tasks, but this option must first be added to the layout.  Refer to the video below for instructions on how your system administrator can set up recurring tasks.

Recurring tasks can only be created from within the Tasks tab.  Recurring task creation is not supported in the New Task option in the activity panel nor from the global actions menu.



Adding Tasks to Your Calendar

Want to add Tasks to your Rethink calendar? Simply create a new calendar (click the settings cogwheel and choose New Calendar) and make the following selections.

Calendar Name
    Tasks Due
Field for Start
    Due Date Only (Date)
Field for End
    Due Date Only (Date)
Apply a Filter (Optional)
    My Tasks
Field Name to Display


Now, you can see task due dates in your calendar alongside your events!


Tasks are based on due dates (date only) and are not time-dependent (date/time).  To create time-based tasks, ask your Rethink system administrator to replace the Due Date field in the Task layout with a custom Date/Time field. When creating your calendar, ensure that you select the new Date/Time field as Field for Start.

For additional help, please click here to view a Salesforce Help article about Tasks


Please reach out to Product Support ( if you have any questions.


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