General Importing Questions

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Who can use Data Import Wizard, and what is it used for?

System administrators and Advanced Users with granted permissions can use the Data Import Wizard to import Companies, Contacts, Spaces/Units, Tasks, Comps, Deals and Custom Objects for multiple users at the same time.

What type of permission is required to import records?

You’ll need different permissions to import records with Data Loader and Data Import Wizard. You are required to have “Read”, “Create”, “Edit” and “Delete” for the object. Always consult with your System Admin to ensure you have the right permissions for the intended import/export.

Why can't I log in to Data Loader?

If you’re having trouble logging in to Data Loader, be sure to review this article regarding Data Loader login.

What data can I import?

You can use the Data Import Wizard to import Companies, Contacts, Spaces/Units, Tasks, Comps, Deals, and Custom Objects.

Are there file size limitations for what I can import?

Your import file can be up to 100 MB, other size limits apply. Be sure to review this article for more details on import restrictions.

How do I perform mass updates to records?

To update more than 50,000 records but less than 5 million records, use Data Loader. When importing less than 50,000 records, we recommend you use data import wizard. If you need to update more than 5 million records, we recommend you work with Rethink Support to utilize our trusted implementation partners. Contact for more information. 

What file types does Data Import Wizard use?

You can import Companies, Contacts, Spaces/Units, Tasks, Comps, Deals, and Custom Objects using CSV (comma-separated values) files. This type of file can typically be created using Excel or Numbers. 

What could cause a delay during the importing of my file?

To manage the volume of imports and ensure that all users receive the highest level of performance, org import files are accepted in asynchronous mode. This means that your file passes through a controlled queue and is imported when the system can best manage the data. However, an import does not typically take longer than 24 hours to complete. If you experience longer than expected delays be sure to reach out to for support. 

Is it possible to perform several imports at the same time?

The Data Import Wizard doesn’t support simultaneous—or concurrent—data import jobs, even from separate browser windows. Finish one data import before beginning the next.


Please reach out to Product Support ( if you have any questions about General Importing Questions.  

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