Field History Tracking

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To track changes to records in Rethink, you can enable Field History Tracking on up to 20 fields per object. Follow the steps below to enable this feature and select the fields you wish to track.

  1. Go into Setup > Object Manager and select the object.
  2. Go to Fields & Relationships in the left pane.
  3. Click the Set History Tracking button.
  4. Check 'Enable Contact History'.
  5. Choose the fields you want to track changes on. You can select up to 20 standard and custom fields per object.
  6. Click Save.

Currently, it is not possible to track changes on the following types of fields:

    • Formula fields, roll-up summary, auto-number fields
    • Created By and Last Modified By
    • Fields that have the AI Prediction checkbox selected

After enabling this feature, any updates to those selected fields will be tracked. Changes that were made prior to enabling Field History Tracking will not be tracked (i.e. it is not retroactive).

Adding Object History Related List to Layout

Once Field History Tracking is enabled on the object and desired fields, do the following for all page layouts.

  1. Go to Setup > Object Manager > select the object > Page Layouts
  2. Click on a page layout
  3. Drag the '[Object Name] History' related list onto the page layout below in the Related Lists section, then click Save.  

For example, if Field History Tracking was enabled for the Property object, then the related list 'Property History' would be selected and added onto the layout.



Report on Field History Data

When you enable Field History Tracking on an object, a new report type called '[Object] History' becomes available. To view field history, create a new report based on the new report type. 

For example, if you've enabled Field History Tracking on Deal Pipeline, then you would go to the Reports tab and click New to create a new report, then choose 'Deal Pipeline History' as the report type.  


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