Check Your Salesforce Version and Current Status

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As a Rethink System Administrator, you will have access to Rethink and Salesforce updates.  Salesforce has a slow product update rollout. In order to determine if your org has the newest Salesforce features, you will need to locate your instance.


1. Click the Setup icon, then select Setup.



2. In the Quick Find search field, type 'Company Information'. Click on the option for Company Information and locate the Instance field. In this area, you will also find your Organization ID.

You will need the Instance key for Step 3.



3. Next, you will access the Salesforce site,  Add your Instance and press Enter. 



4. The Current Status section will indicate if the new release has been applied to your org. Review the video below to see how you can locate statuses.



Please reach out to Product Support ( if you have any questions about Salesforce Updates.


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