Viewing Comp Transaction Details in GEOsearch

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When viewing Comps in GEOsearch, you can now create lists of those comps to review financial information.  Follow the steps below to learn how.

In GEOsearch, select Comp as your search type.


Open the View picklist and select Transaction Details.


Generate a list to view financial details of your comps. To do so, select the comps to include from the search results and click the [+] icon.


Enter a name for the list, then click 'Add to List'.


To open your list, go to the Lists widget in the bottom toolbar.


Select the list you just created. Click the Play [>] button to quickly move from one comp to the next. Opening the picklist under the Play button gives you several other options. After checking the boxes next to the desired comp records in the list, you can easily add an Action Plan, a new task, or remove the selected comp from the list.




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