How to Customize Activity Reports

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As the System Administrator, you can configure the information that appears in an Activity Report - whether you are representing the landlord or the property owner.  Currently, the only customizations that are possible in Activity Reports are the fields and sections that are displayed.  The colors and branding cannot be customized.  Follow the steps below to learn how to select the fields you want to include in the report!


1. Click Setup Screen_Shot_2019-08-18_at_12.05.22_PM.png

2. Navigate to the Quick Find Search Bar on the left-hand panel and type "Custom Metadata Types".

3. Locate Send Report Setting and click Manage Records.


4. Locate the record type you want to modify - for example, Deal Activity Landlord Rep for the landlord rep activity report - then click the label name.


5. Select the Clone button at the top.

6. In the Send Report Setting page, focus on the items below:

  • Update Label to your name of choice. This serves as an internal reference and will not be visible to the client.
  • Ensure Active checkbox is selected.
  • The Record Type should not need to be adjusted, but you will need to double check that it reflects the same type of deal. 


  • Under Displayed Fields, input the API field names for the fields you want to display in your report.  You can look up the API field names in Setup > Object Manager > [select desired object] > Fields & Relationships. It helps to have several tabs open (this help article, the Activity Report's Send Report Setting Edit page, and Object Manager).

For example, if we want to update Inquiries Fields to include the Notes field, then we will go into Setup > Object Manager > Inquiry/Requirement > Fields & Relationships, copy the Field Name exactly as it appears - in this case, the field name would be TTL_Core__Notes__C - then paste it into the Inquiries Fields text box (note, each field name must be separated by a comma).


7. After making the desired updates, save your changes. Next, we will need to deactivate the old Deal Activity Report we are replacing (since we cloned the original one). To deactivate, select the old Deal Activity Report type and uncheck Active, then Save. This will ensure that your newest report type is the only active one in the system. 

8. Repeat the same steps for any other record type (e.g. if you represent both sellers and landlords).

9. Lastly, verify the changes you made by sending a test Activity Report to yourself - then once you're ready, send the report to one (or many!) clients --> review this guide to learn how!


Please reach out to Product Support ( if you have any questions about customizing your Activity Report. 


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