Creating Contacts in Rethink

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In this article, you will learn how to use Rethink to store information about the people you do business with. One of the most important aspects of a CRM (client relationship management) is your client base. Companies and contacts will be associated with almost every object in Rethink; which makes sense, because there's a person behind every deal you close.

Companies and Contacts

Everything starts with a Company, which can have one or many Contacts. This is an example of the Parent-Child relationship, also known as the "One to Many" relationship. You cannot create a Contact without a Company, just like you cannot have a child without a parent. This is the standard structure of the Company / Contact relationship in Rethink. So to start, we'll always create the Company first.

Click here for steps on creating a Company. 

You can associate as many Contacts as you'd like with a Company. Contacts are a standard Rethink object and are located on the Navigation toolbar. 


To create a New Contact, click on New and the following screen will appear. The New Contact will need to be associated with a Company you create. At the bare minimum, you will need to provide the required fields (indicated by the red asterisk) which include Company Name, First and Last Name. 

mceclip2.pngWe recommend including contact information such as email and phone number for every contact. This will especially be helpful when creating Lists, Prospecting, Data Import/Export, and running Reports. 

You can also associate your Contacts with certain Property Types and Contact Groups. 


Once your Contact has been created, you will see all the details on the Contact record page.  


Additionally, you can Log a Call, add Notes to be associated to this contact, as well as any Deals, Properties, Inquires, Associated Parties and attach any Files. 


 You can create multiple List Views of Contacts as well as search all your contacts to create or customize your own list view depending on the information you want to use to search/filter. 


You can also send an email to all your Contacts or any Contact Lists created. 


Also, at any time you can use the global search bar to look up any Contact information existing in your database. 


You are allowed as many Contacts as you want, and as many as 10,000 Contacts at one Company. 


Please reach out to Product Support ( if you have any questions about Contacts. 




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