Rethink User License Management

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As the System Administrator, you will need to understand the different user license types available and which one is most appropriate to assign to your users. This article describes each license type, the available user profiles associated with each type of license, and when it may be necessary to upgrade the license type. 

User Licenses

License Types Description Profiles


System Administrators require this license type. Expands the ability to customize the Rethink application and manage other Profiles and Permissions.

System Administrator

Salesforce Platform

This is a standard license that all other users will utilize. 

REthink Standard User
REthink Advanced User

Chatter Free

These users can access standard Chatter items such as people, profiles, groups, and files, but they can’t access any Salesforce objects or data. Chatter Free users can also be Chatter moderators.

Chatter Free User
Chatter Moderator User

Chatter External

This license is for users who are outside of your company’s email domain. These external users, also called customers, can be invited to Chatter groups that allow customers. Customers can access information and interact with users only in the groups they’re invited to. They have no access to Chatter objects or data. Chatter External users can view user profiles, but they can’t edit them.

Chatter External User 


To review how many licenses you have used and how many are available for use, go into SetupCompany Information, then scroll down to User Licenses


Salesforce licenses plus Salesforce Platform licenses will total the amount of licenses you purchased from Rethink. You are allotted 5,000 Chatter Free licenses and 500 Chatter External licenses. 


If you are running low on Rethink licenses and need to add more seats, please reach out to your Account Executive or Product Support (

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