Customizing Fields in GEOsearch

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GEOsearch can be customized in many ways, including the fields that are displayed in the Results Panel.


1. To customize the Results Panel, you will need the Field Name information.

To locate the Field Name, go to Setup > Object Manager and select either Property, Space/Units, Comps, or Deal Pipeline.  We will use the Property object in this example.  


2. Go to Fields & Relationships on the left.  Copy the Field Name associated with the field(s) you want to display in GEOsearch.

3. Next, navigate to Setup > Custom Settings.


4. Select Manage next to BrowserDisplayFields


5. Click Edit next to the Search Type you want to customize. For this example, we are using Property.


6. This next step you will need the Field Name you copied in step 2.


Paste the Field Name in two areas:

  • Card List 1
    • You will add Field Name after the last option, be sure to add a comma between Field Name.
    • For example, using Field Name- TTL_Core__of_Bathrooms__c.  
      • City__c,
      • State__c,
      • Property_Class__c,
      • Year_Built_Str__c,
      • Gross_SF__c,
      • TTL_Core__of_Bathrooms__c
  • Marker Fields
    • You will add Field Name after the last option, be sure to add a comma between Field Name.
      • TTL_Core__City__c,TTL_Core__State__c,TTL_Core__Property_Class__c,TTL_Core__Year_Built_Str__c,TTL_Core__Gross_SF__c,TTL_Core__Market__c,TTL_Core__of_Bathrooms__c


Once the changes have been made, click Save.


Please reach out to Product Support ( if you have any questions about How to Customize Display Fields in GEOsearch. 



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