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Rethink System Admin Responsibilities

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This article provides an overview of who the System Administrator is, the roles they play, and some of the functions they're responsible for. 

The System Administrator plays a pivotal role within Rethink and within your organization. Think of the System Administrator as your "anchor" - this user will provide the foundation for the rest of your users in Rethink. They'll be the only user with access to the backend of Rethink and will be responsible for making customizations and a variety of other tasks. 

Given that the System Administrator plays such an important role, this should be someone within your organization who has time to dedicate to this role and will be available to other users to make changes or updates as needed. Typically this will be a Office Admin, Assistant or Research Analyst. This user will be responsible for researching and learning how to optimize Rethink for your organization, so it's an excellent opportunity for an individual to learn about your company, Rethink and Salesforce all at the same time. This individual will also be the point of contact for your Rethink Client Success Manager. 

The main items that the system admin will be responsible for include adding new users, resetting passwords and making customizations to the backend of Rethink. These customizations may consist of creating new fields, changing page layouts, running reports, creating dashboards and much more!

That being said, we advise that the email address on the account belong to the System Administrator, or is a general email address that other individuals in your organization have access to, in case your system admin leaves and you need to access your account. We also recommend 1 System Administrator per 50 users in your organization. 

Please reach out to Product Support ( if you have any questions about the Rethink System Administrator.  

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