Overview of Rethink Home Page

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When you log in to Rethink, you will be directed to the home page. The home page is made up of components that are completely customizable. These components include Reports, Dashboards, Tasks, Events, News, Rethink Resources and more!


For more information on Events, Reports, and Tasks, refer to the following articles:

You have the ability to configure these components in the Lightning App Builder. For more information regarding customizing your home page, refer to the following article:

Rethink Favorites

At the top right corner of the home page, you'll find your Favorites icon Screen_Shot_2019-07-18_at_11.15.24_AM.png. The Favorites icon will appear on every page within the platform. When you click the down arrow next to the star, this will open your favorited items in Rethink. You can add any record page, report or list to your favorites for easy access to your most important pages in Rethink. 


To add a page to your favorites, simply go to that page and click the star iconScreen_Shot_2019-07-18_at_11.15.24_AM.png at the top righthand corner. This page will now be added to your favorites and will be easy to access from any page within Rethink. 

Global Actions

Another icon you'll find at the top right corner of any page in Rethink is your Global Actions icon.

These actions include:

Logging a call
Creating a new task
Adding a new note
Adding a new event
Composing email

...any custom actions you add


When you select any one of these options, a separate window will pop up so that you can continue whatever you're working on, without having to move to a different page. mceclip0.png

For more information on Global Actions, refer to the following help article:

Navigation Bar

At the top of your home page, you will find the Navigation Bar. Easily access your most used objects within Rethink.


To edit your Navigation Bar, click the pencil icon Screen_Shot_2019-07-18_at_11.54.20_AM.png on the righthand side of the page or you can simply drag and drop each object to rearrange the order. 

For additional information regarding the Navigation Bar, review the article below: 


Please reach out to Product Support (rethinkcrm@buildout.com) if you have any questions about your Rethink home page.  


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