Creating Your Email Signature in Rethink

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This article provides instructions on how to create your email signature in Rethink.

Go to Personal SettingsEmail > My Email Settings. Let's watch how this is done below, and see how to immediately view your signature by composing an email.


Adding a Logo to Your Email Signature

We realize branding is important for any business, so you may choose to add your company logo in your email signature.  Follow the steps below to add an image to your signature.

Step 1. Upload the image in the Files tab

  1. Go to Files by clicking the App Launcher icon and choosing Files from the list of apps.
  2. Click on the Upload Files button and navigate to where the image is located on your computer. 

Step 2. Get the URL of the uploaded image

  1. In the Files tab, click on the newly uploaded image.
  2. Click on Public Link button, then click on the Copy Link button. Note: For newly uploaded files, click on the Create Link button to generate public link, then copy the link. 
  3. Paste the copied link in a new browser tab to preview the image.
  4. From this new browser tab, right-click on the image preview and click on Copy image address. This is the link you will need to use in your email signature - continue with the steps below.

Step 3. Add the image to your email signature

  1. Click on your profile avatar at the upper-right corner of the screen.
  2. Click on Settings.
  3. In the Quick Find search box, enter My Email Settings.
  4. Click on My Email Settings.
  5. In the Email Signature field, enter <img src = "link here" width="230" height="80"/>
  6. Click on Save.

It's important to note that this will only work when sending emails in HTML format, and does not work if a template is selected unless the logo is included in the template.

If an email is sent in plain text format, it will display <img src = "link here" width="230" height="80"/> in the signature. If you're utilizing a template, you'll need to include the image and signature within the template's body.

You may also need to specify the width and height dimensions of your image, which can be done using the format provided above. You may omit the width and height code, if desired.

Your email signature has a 1333 character limit, but you can choose to include additional HTML code to format your signature to match your company branding.


Please reach out to Product Support ( if you have any questions about creating your email signature. 

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