Creating Invoices in Rethink

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Whether you need to create an invoice for a commission pay out or other miscellaneous expenses, the Invoices functionality in Deal Pipeline will do the job.

To create a new invoice, click the New button from within the Invoices related list.

The value in Deal Commission (Gross) (shown below) will auto-populate when an invoice is created.

Assign a status to the invoice.

Add additional line items to the invoice (e.g. photography fee to a landlord client). To add more items, click "Create a line item with an existing receipt" or "Upload New Receipt".  

The Item Description field is a free text field which will auto-save. You can remove an item by clicking the red "x" at the end of the line item.


Submitting an Invoice for Approval

Once you've created your invoice, you are ready to submit it for approval.

Make sure the invoice is in Draft status, then click Done.

The next page will display an option to Submit for Approval - click the button to submit.

Add optional comments for the approver.

Select the approver, then click Submit.

The approver will receive an email notification with options that will link them to the Invoice Approval Page and the View Invoice page.  The approver may select either option.

The approver will review the invoice and click Approve.


Emailing an Invoice

Once you have made your changes, click "Send" to send the invoice to the contact notated in the "To" field. The individual will receive an email with the invoice details.

An example of the email is shown below.


Viewing Invoice Details

To view invoice details at any time - such as related files, line items, or approval history - go to the Related tab in the invoice record.

Details is a deeper dive into information like payment terms, invoice total, and issue date.

Preview is a look at the invoice in a format the recipient will receive.


Please reach out to Product Support ( if you have any questions.

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