Updating Picklist Values in Rethink

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Have you ever wondered how to update picklist field values (drop-down selections)? Perhaps you need to update Markets, Relationship Stages, or Deal Stages. At some point, you will identify the need to tailor selections to your business - below you will learn how!

1. Go to Setup Object Manager and select the object where the field resides.

2.  Click Fields & Relationships on the left, then click on the field you wish to modify. In the below example, we are editing the picklist field 'Relationship Stage'

3. Scroll to the Values section. You have the option to create new values, edit existing values, deactivate those you do not use, and reorder values. In this example, we are adding new values, so we will click the New button.

4. Follow the steps that are shown on your screen to enter new value(s).  Each value should be on its own line. Next, select the Record Types you want this new value to be applied to, then click Save.

5. Activate the values for each record type by navigating to Record Types in the left pane. Choose the record type you want to add the picklist values to.

6. All the picklist fields for the record type you selected will be displayed.  Click Edit next to the picklist field you are modifying.

7. Move the Available Value(s) to Selected Value(s) using the arrow button.  Choose a default value for this field (optional), then click Save


Please reach out to Product Support (rethinkcrm@buildout.com) if you have any questions about updating picklist values.


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