How to Edit GEOsearch Record Details Preview

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This article explains how to customize the Property preview card in GEOsearch to increase the efficiency of your workflow.

One of the most beneficial functions of GEOsearch is the ability to quickly retrieve information from a birds-eye view using the map. When hovering your mouse over a property, you are easily able to view address details, property class, market, building size, etc. 


Some of this information may be useful, but some information may not be necessary for your workflow. The good news is that this preview feature for GEOsearch is customizable. 


We'll begin by accessing Setup and typing Custom Settings in the Quick Find search field. Here we'll find a list of custom settings used to manage custom data at the organization, profile, and user levels. Locate BrowserDisplayFields from this list and click the Manage link next to it. 


Within the Custom Settings for BrowserDisplayFields we'll find a list of search types criteria from GEOsearch.


These options in Setup are directly associated with GEOsearch's search options on the front end. 


Any desired changes on the card preview will have to be made for each respective search type selection. For this example, we'll illustrate how to modify the preview card details for the Property search type.

First, we'll need to identify the API name for the field we would like to include as part of the card detail preview. You can find all of the API names for each field under Fields & Relationships within the Object Manager. In this example, I would like to include the field "Zoning" from the Property record. The image below illustrates how to navigate to Fields & Relationships and locate the API name for this field. (Note: Lookup fields are not able to be added here. If you need assistance, please contact


Now that we've located the API name for the desired field we would like to include, we'll navigate back to the Manage link for BrowserDisplayFields within Custom Settings in Setup as previously instructed.

Next we'll click TTL__Core__Property__c from the options listed. Click the Edit button, from here you'll add this API name in two locations, first include it the Card List 1, then also add it to the Marker Fields. The order in which the API names are listed within Marker Fields determines the order in which it appears on the card preview details. See below for a demonstration of adding Zoning as the third field in the card detail preview.


To verify the changes that were made, return to the front end of Rethink and refresh your browser. If your changes aren't reflected immediately, try these next steps in order to verify your changes:

  • Log out of Rethink, then log back in
  • Clear your browser cache
  • Log into a separate private browsing window or incognito window



Please reach out to Product Support ( if you have any questions about GEOsearch - How to Edit Record Details Preview.  



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