Field Accessibility

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This article explains how to identify at what level a field is restricted - record type, user profile or field access level.

As a System Administrator in Rethink, you can control users' access to fields at the record type level, the user level, or field level. These preferences and settings affect whether a user can view and edit specific fields in Rethink. Field access can vary from user to user depending on their initial setup and the configurations made for each profile type. 

Here are the permission levels which can be set for each setup configuration:

Page Layout - Allows you to set whether a field is visible, required, editable, or read-only for a particular record type. 


Field-level security - These preferences further restrict the user's access. Here, you can alter which fields are visible, read-only or none (when neither is checked). If you only have Visible checked off then it means that the Users can read and edit the field. If you have both Visible and Read-Only checked then Users can read but not edit the field. If none of these two fields are checked off then Users can’t read or edit the field. These settings override field properties set in the page layout if the field-level security setting is more restrictive. We recommend that you use field-level security to control users’ access to fields rather than creating multiple page layouts to control field access. Below I  demonstrate how to reach these preferences for a specified field of an object.


Permissions - Certain user permissions may override both page layouts and field-level security settings. For instance, a user with the “Edit Read Only Fields” permission can always edit read-only fields regardless of any other settings. Within this the profile view you will find permissions for both standard object (those native to salesforce) as well as custom objects (which includes Rethink specific Objects). editing these permissions will allow you to enable or disable the following abilities for users: Read, Create, Edit, Delete, View All, and Modify All. Below I have illustrated where within the profile you can find these permissions.



Please reach out to Product Support ( if you have any questions about Field Accessibility.


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