Bulk Uploading Images for Properties

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In this article, we'll review how to bulk upload images using Data Loader.
If you are not familiar with Data Loader or have yet to install this application, please review this guide for Data Loader installation (Windows OS) / Data Loader installation (MacOS) and use cases.

Requirements and Preparing Data 

1. Upload image(s) and ensure they are publicly accessible
2. Export Properties of choice via Reports - must include Property ID in your exported report
3. In your spreadsheet, at a minimum, you must include Property IDs and URLs of images:

Open Dataloader

4. Select Insert in Data Loader:
5. Once logged in, select Insert from the operation sections then beneath that section select TTL_Core__Asset__c from the select object section, then click Next:
6. Data mapping must include:
Property ID = TTL_Core__Property__c
Image URL = TTL_Core__URL__c
7. Click Finish, data loader will then prompt you and advise if there were any issues with the import. 
Please reach out to Product Support (rethinkcrm@buildout.com) if you have any questions about Bulk Uploading Images for Properties.  

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