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Custom Settings contains valuable preferences and settings for Rethink CRM which might be confusing because of the way in which the settings are labeled. The good news is this area will rarely need to be accessed, and will be so with the guidance of our support team.

This article will shed some light on some possible changes that can be made from within Custom Settings. This article does not cover all possible scenarios, as the use of this setting is rare - it is intended simply as an overview.

We'll begin by showing you how to access these preferences from the Setup menu:


Custom Settings houses a variety of preferences which can be configured for all of the items shown below:


In this article, we'll cover aspects related to GEOsearch, as they are the most commonly requested.  Also, these settings here will control a good portion of fields used in GEOsearch. 


GEOsearch Hover Details

Click Manage next to BrowserDisplayFields to configure and customize GEOsearch.  One option will allow for editing of the preview card which displays when hovering over a search result on the GEOsearch map, as shown below:


The fields displayed on the preview card can be edited for each search type (Property, Deals, Spaces/Units and Comps). You can edit the fields and the order in which the fields are displayed by clicking Manage next to BrowserDisplayFields.  If you'd like more information on how to process this type of change, please be sure to review this article.


GEOsearch PDF Fields

Another customization available in Custom Settings relates to the PDF generation tool in GEOsearch.  The PDF generation tool can be accessed by clicking on the PDF icon, as shown below.  


The fields that are displayed on the PDF can be chosen and rearranged, as desired. These settings can be accessed by clicking Manage next to BrowserDisplayFields, and editing PDF Fields. See below for the location of this preference.



Other customization include creating rules based on a hierarchy (meaning you're using roles or have profiles set to limit user accessibility/visibility). Custom Settings allows you to add data rules per user profile or on the organizational level. For example, you may want different values to display depending on whether a specific user is running the app, a specific profile, or just a general user. 

Other options are available and vary depending on the options selected. However, most of the guidance on where to go and what to change is typically provided by one of our support agents.


Please reach out to Product Support ( if you have any questions about Custom Settings.  

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