Customizing Information in Kanban Tiles

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This article provides instructions to customize the information that is displayed in the Kanban tiles for Deal Pipeline, Tasks, or wherever the Kanban view is available in Rethink. 

The Kaban view is a very useful, interactive tool that is available in most of the primary objects housed in Rethink. Below you'll see an image of some Landlord Rep deals in the Deal Pipeline summarized by rent amounts.


Depending on your workflow, you might need to alter the information displayed on the cards. The fields shown on the card are the first four fields of the corresponding list view. 


Below you'll find an animation of how to rearrange the columns within your list view. Rearranging the first 4 columns will allow you to customize the information displayed on the cards.


Please reach out to Product Support ( if you have any questions about how to change the fields that are displayed in the Kanban view.

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