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Income & Expenses - Power Page Overview

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The Income & Expenses Power Page allows you to show all of your income and expense data entered into the Financials section of your property edit form—while being flexible enough to add photos and move content to suit your unique needs.

Before you start

Note: This page is only meant to work in conjunction with the Income and/or Expense Breakdown in the Financials section of the Property Edit Form. Please make sure you have the Incomes and/or Expenses filled out before using this page template.

Follow these steps to ensure your property is set up correctly to get the most out of your Income & Expenses page template

1. Make sure the Include Income Breakdown and/or Include Expense Breakdown checkbox is selected (✅) Screen_Shot_2021-12-21_at_1.25.23_PM__1_.png
2. Fill out the Income and Expense Breakdowns with the data you want to be displayed on your page template
Seamless Workflow | Helpful Hint You are able to fill out Income & Expense data for multiple financial statements. When you do so, be sure to use the exact same name for different financial statements, including the same casing (uppercase, lowercase) and number of spaces, otherwise you will see duplicate rows on your document.
3. Make sure to Save Listing to lock in any edits and ensure they display correctly in your document templates


Edit Your Template

The Income & Expenses Power Page offers Three Layouts and multiple page options allowing you to showcase your income & expense information in the best way possible.


  • Full Page (default layout): This layout allows clients to show only the Income and Expenses tables as they are filled out in the Property Edit Form.
  • Vertical: Thiswill allow clients to show up to 3 vertical photos to the left or right of the Income & Expenses.
  • Horizontal: This will allow clients to show up to 3 horizontal photos to the top or bottom of the Income & Expenses.


If our default configuration does not suit your needs you can use any of the below options to move content and images to get the page configuration that works best for you!

Available on All Layouts

  • Sections: Allows you to show/hide financial sections displayed based on selection.
    • Income
    • Expenses
    • NOI
  • Vacancy Cost: Allows you to displays/hide the Vacancy Cost as part of Net Income or as separate section row based on selection.
    • With Income
    • Section Row
    • Hide
  • Columns: Allows you to show additional information columns for each financial statement.
    • Per SF
    • Per Unit
    • Per Acre
  • Round to Dollar: Rounds the values to nearest whole dollar based on columns selected.
    • Full Amounts
    • Per SF
    • Per Unit
    • Per Acre
  • Negative Values: Displays negative values with a negative sign or parentheses.
    • Negative Sign
    • Parentheses
  • Comments: Allows you to show/hide a fully editable text box to manually enter additional details to support the Income & Expenses

Available on Vertical & Horizontal Layouts Only

  • Photos: Need to fill up a bit more room on your page template? Use this to show up to 3 property photos in addition to the Income & Expenses
    • 1 Photo (enabled by default)
    • 2 Photos
    • 3 Photos
  • Orientation: Move content around the page to ensure your page looks the way you want it.
    • Vertical Layout
      • Photos Left (enabled by default)
      • Photos Right
    • Horizontal Layout
      • Photos Top
      • Photos Bottom (enabled by default)
  • Captions: Use this option to show/hide captions to all the photos you have selected to show


Why does my table have multiple rows with the same name?

  • The Income and Expense breakdowns are sensitive to casing (uppercase, lowercase) and number of spaces. If the names do not match exactly between financial statements, duplicate rows will show.
  • Examples:
    • On one financial statement a user names an entry “Parking Fees” and on the other they write “Parking fees”. The lowercase “F” in the second will cause a duplicate row.
    • One one financial statement a user names an entry “Utilities” and on the other they write “Utilities “. The extra space after the word on the second statement will cause a duplicate row.

Why can’t I directly make edits to my Income & Expenses page template?

  • Due to how the Income & Expenses content is added to this page from the Property Edit form we are unable to allow direct edits on the page template
  • Instead, we recommend:
    • Using the Property Edit Form to update any data.
    • Using the available options to show/hide relevant content.
    • Reaching out to or your project team to configure your table to display the content exactly as you need for example:
      • Update column labels
      • Add Custom Content

Why is there a grey box covering my Income & Expenses tables on my page template?

  • In order to ensure your page looks as professional as possible, we limit the number of columns that this table supports on the page template
  • This is a warning that will display when too many columns are set to show on your Income & Expenses tables on the page template
  • To remove this warning:
    • Deselect column(s) from the “Columns” option
    • Deselect Financial Statements in the Page Edit Bar
  • If reducing amount of columns is not an option we recommend using a different layout to ensure all the content you want to display shows

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