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How to edit photos in Buildout

You can edit your photos from the media section of the property edit form without leaving Buildout. With Buildout’s photo editing tool, you can adjust the color or exposure. You can also add text and graphics to your image.

Getting started

Add photos to the media section of the property edit form. From there, select the gear icon and click Edit.

Adjusting the color

Edit the brightness, saturation, contrast, or sharpness of your image by using the sliders. To revert to the original image, click Reset Settings.


Adding text

Add text to your image by selecting the T icon, then click on the image where you would like to text to display. A text box will appear so you can begin adding your text. You can choose from various fonts, colors, formats, alignment, and background color options.



For a transparent text background, slide the transparency setting all the way to the left.

Drawing a circle, rectangle, or polygon

Select the circle, rectangle, or polygon icons to outline an area of your image. You can adjust the fill color, border color, and stroke width once you draw the shape.


Including arrows or lines

Click the arrow icon and draw it on your image. You can adjust the line thickness and color or change the arrow to a simple line.



Once you click the Done Editing button, you will not be able to make any changes to the previous edits. If you need to make any changes to the text, graphics, or photo settings, re-upload the original image.

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