Buildout and Rethink Integration

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Rethink is capable of integrating with Buildout Marketing to sync properties, spaces/units, comps, and other common areas of interest between platforms. You can choose to have the information flow back and forth between platforms, or in one direction.

The current integration connects a standard set of fields between platforms - see Standard Field Mapping below. Any fields beyond this may be at an additional cost. 

General Synchronization Behavior

  • Synchronization typically runs in daily intervals, although custom sync schedules (e.g. hourly, one-directional, etc.) can be created in the Buildout Connector tool in Rethink
  • Only records modified since last synchronization are processed


Standard Field Mapping 

*Required fields in red

Properties & Spaces/Units Field Mapping

  • Syncs from Buildout to Rethink, and Rethink to Buildout

Leads Field Mapping

  • Syncs from Buildout to Rethink only

Comps Field Mapping

  • Syncs from Buildout to Rethink, and Rethink to Buildout


Synchronization Directions


Brokers ---> Colleagues
Listings ----> Properties
Lease Spaces ---> Spaces/Units
Sale or Lease Comps ---> Comps 
Leads ---> Inquiries/Requirements (aka Prospects)
Photos ---> Assets

All records in Buildout are created or updated in Rethink based on the Buildout ID. If no Buildout ID exists, then the record is matched based on Property and Colleague/Broker. 



Brokers sync from Buildout to Rethink only.

Colleague/broker synchronization from Rethink to Buildout will match the internal colleague in Rethink to the broker in Buildout, but it will not create nor update the broker record in Buildout. Thus, Broker administration should be done in Buildout, not in Rethink.

Lease Spaces

Lease spaces and comps are created whenever their parent properties are synced.


Leads sync from Buildout to Rethink only.

A parent property must have previously synced in order for any associated leads to sync. 


All photos attached to a listing or lease space are synced with properties and spaces/units in Rethink, respectively. 

Matching Criteria for the Sync:

  • Listings/Properties are matched based on Address field
  • Brokers/Colleagues are matched based on Email Address

If a listing/property is matched, the 'Sync with BO' checkbox in Rethink will not be checked automatically because Rethink has more controlling factor than Buildout. So, if you would like to sync matching properties, check 'Sync to BO' field in Rethink manually.

If a match is found:

  • If “Sync with BO” is checked in Rethink, the record will be updated
  • If “Sync with BO” is NOT checked in Rethink, only the Buildout ID is populated and the rest of the record is left unchanged

If NO match is found:

  • Record is created
  • Buildout ID is populated
  • Record is marked for future synchronization (“Sync With BO” is checked)




Properties ----> Listings
Spaces/Units ---> Lease Spaces
Comps ---> Sale or Lease Comps
Assets --> Photos

Only records in Rethink with the “Sync with BO” field checked are synced (all others are ignored)

  • If the record has a “Buildout ID” populated, the record is updated in Buildout
  • If the record does NOT have a “Buildout ID” populated, a record is created in Buildout and the “Buildout ID” is populated in Rethink


In order for a property to sync with Buildout, the following must take place:

  • the "Sync with BO" checkbox must be checked - refer to "Rethink Workflow" below


  • An internal colleague (e.g. primary broker) must be added to the Associated Parties related list. The email address of the colleague you add must match that of a broker in Buildout (i.e. they must be a Buildout user, and must have a Buildout ID populated in their Colleague record in Rethink).



In order for a space/unit to sync with Buildout, the "Sync with BO" checkbox must be checked in both the space/unit as well as in the parent property - see "Rethink Workflow" below (e.g. the space/unit must first be checked for synchronization, followed by the property).

If you do not create a space/unit under a property, Buildout will automatically create a default space/unit and name it as "Suite", which will then sync back to Rethink as such. (This is because Buildout requires a Lease Space to be linked to a property.) This might not be desired, so it is recommended that you create your own desirable space/unit under your properties.

When a space/unit syncs from Rethink to Buildout, you will need to check "For Lease" or "For Sale" under the Availability section in Buildout in order to see the space.


In order for a comp to sync with Buildout, the "Sync with BO" checkbox must be checked in both the comp as well as the property - see "Rethink Workflow" below (e.g. the comp must first be checked for synchronization, followed by the property).


When uploading images to properties in Rethink, the images are automatically synced to the associated listings in Buildout. You must wait to upload images to a property record until after the property has successfully synced at least once.

After the images have synced, they will not be displayed in Buildout until the "Syndicate" checkbox is checked in the listing. To do this, go into Edit Listing > Media and check the images to display.file

Rethink Workflow

  • Create the Property (and add broker(s) to Associated Parties)
  • Create a Space/Unit
  • Create Comp (include Address, City and State; for Sale Comps, also include Total Price, otherwise it will not sync)
  • Check the "Sync with BO" checkbox on the Comp
  • Check the "Sync with BO" checkbox on the Space/Unit
  • Check the "Sync with BO" checkbox on the Property
  • Add property images to the Assets related list (images must be added after the property has already successfully synced)

Rethink Fields

  • Sync with BO - this checkbox is available only in Property, Space/Unit and Comp records.

    • Check this option if the record should be synchronized with Buildout

    • This checkbox is the controlling factor for records syncing from Rethink to Buildout

    • When a new property is synced from Buildout, the “Sync with BO” option is automatically checked for future synchronization


  • Buildout Id - unique identification number that indicates the corresponding record in Buildout. Available only in Property, Space/Unit, Comp, Colleague and Asset.
  • When a property coming from Buildout is matched to a Property in Rethink:

    • If the “Sync with BO” option is not checked, the Buildout ID is populated, but nothing else in the record is changed. The “Sync with BO” option is left unchecked
    • If the “Sync with BO” is checked, the Buildout ID is populated, and the property record is updated

Bidirectional - Latest wins


  • For each record, the timestamp of last change is compared in both systems, and most recently changed record is sent to other system.
  • In Buildout the timestamp is only present on Property record, this dictates direction for both the Property record and child Space/Unit records of that Property.
  • To make sure recent changes in Rethink are sent over, the last updated timestamp on Property is updated from these child objects below:
    • change on child Space/Unit
    • change on child Comps
    • change of Associated Party
    • change on Colleague Buildout ID
    • change on Asset (Photo)
  • After the direction is decided, the synchronization follows the same logic and requirements for respective direction mentioned above (“Buildout to Salesforce” or “Salesforce to Buildout").

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