Requesting Help from Salesforce Support

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Some native Salesforce features and functionality are outside the scope of our support. While we are pleased to provide support on Rethink-specific components and functionality, some requests may be deferred to Salesforce when it is determined to be outside our realm of accessibility or expertise.

Follow the instructions in this article to request help directly from Salesforce Support.

1. Go to the Salesforce Support portal at

2. Click Log In in the upper right corner.   


3. Select Log In under Trailblazer.meScreen_Shot_2022-05-03_at_1.23.40_PM.png

4. Click the blue Salesforce button, then enter your Rethink login credentials.


5. Once logged in, click on your avatar in the upper right corner to confirm your name and profile settings are correct.


6. Next, click Contact Support in the navigation bar.


7. Click Create a Case to begin your request.


8. Under Product, select ‘Sales’; then for the remaining fields, choose the most appropriate answers that best describe the issue.

Org ID or MID is a required field.  To locate your Salesforce Org ID, log in to Rethink and go to Setup > Company Settings > Company information.

Once all the fields are completed, click Create Case


After submitting your case, a confirmation will appear with the case number. A confirmation email with your case number will also be emailed to you.  Be sure to reference this case number on any correspondence relating to this matter.

You can check on the status of your case any time by clicking the link in the email confirmation or by logging in to the Salesforce Support website and going to My Cases in the navigation bar.  You will receive email notifications on any updates made to your case.

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