Buildout Boost FAQs

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What is Buildout Boost?

Buildout Boost is a sale listing-level upgrade Buildout users can purchase to gain access to more qualified leads. With immediate access to more qualified leads, brokers are able to close deals faster and, therefore, increase deal velocity.

What is the cost to Boost a listing?

The introductory price for Buildout Boost is $100 per listing.

What listings can be Boosted?

Most Buildout customers will see the option to Boost all on market, sale listings. Some companies, however, may impose a sale price restriction when using Boost. If you do not see the option to Boost an on market, sale listing, your company has likely opted-in to a restriction.

How long will I have access to Boost leads after I Boost?

After Boosting, we’ll refresh the potential buyers once per week for 6 months (or until the listing status is changed to Under Contract or Closed) to check for any new potential buyers with matching investment criteria.

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