What Data Can Apto Import To My Account?

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Apto's data experts can import your existing data, ensuring a smooth transition without duplicates or missing information. We accept most data sources that are delivered to us in the form of a spreadsheet and any database backup transfer from Salesforce, REA or ACT.

Please reach out to your sales representative should you have a back up file that is not from one of the aforementioned services.

We've created this video to assist you in preparing your data for migration to Apto using our data import template spreadsheet (click to download).


Backups from Other CRM's

Transfers from other CRM’s will require a full backup of the relational database, usually in a .BAK or .ZIP file format. Included in the transfer will be your activities, contacts, properties and groups. In most cases, these transfers are a 1:1 transfer and will mimic your notes from the prior service.

Spreadsheet Data

What types of sheets can I send to the data team? Any data from Reonomy, Costar, or Yardi, as well as customized spreadsheets that you have been working within at your current company. Spreadsheets typically produce the best result for data imports, as they carry useful column headers and can be imported at scale. We cannot accept a word document, PDF, and or any other non spreadsheet source.


One CRM .BAK file


One spreadsheet (unlimited rows, columns) is included during your onboarding.

Additional items included for import will cost $300 per source.

Please note that Buildout has no financial, legal, commercial, or partnership affiliation in any way with the Costar Group, Inc. or Crexi, Inc. No association or relationship between these companies should be implied or inferred. The purpose of listings syndication is to support our mutual customers to share their listings, as desired, in a seamless manner. For any questions, please contact support@buildout.com.


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