Customizing Your Apto Home Page

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  1. From the Apto Home screen click on the gear icon located in the upper right corner and click Edit Page.

  2. You are now viewing the Page Editor. On the left side of the screen you will see all the different applications you can have displayed on this page. You can drag and drop them wherever you would like them to appear on your home screen.

  3. Hovering over a panel in the center allows you to change its location on the page, resize it, or to delete the panel using the trash can icon in the top right corner of the panel.

  4. You are able to adjust the layout of every page in the system in the same manner. To navigate to a different page, just click the Pages drop down menu in the upper middle of the page and select the desired page.

  5. Once you have made all your changes, click Save in the upper right corner.



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