Google & Outlook Sync via Einstein Activity Capture

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  1. Click the gear icon located in the upper right corner and click Setup.

  2. Click on Users located under the “Administration” tab.

  3. Click on the user you need to edit, scroll down to locate “Permission Set Assignments” and click Edit Assignments.

  4. Select Standard Einstein Activity Capture in the left pane, and using the right arrow, found in the center, to move it to the right pane - then click Save.

  5. Next, locate “Einstein” under “Platform Tools” and follow the path shown in the below screenshot. Click Settings.

  6. Click on Get Started and give Einstein Activity Capture permission to access either your email, calendar, contacts, or all three. You will then be prompted to select your email and calendar provider. Currently the supported providers are Gmail, Microsoft Outlook, and Microsoft Exchange.

    Following this, you will be asked to name this configuration. The name should be something to help you remember what this sync is accomplishing, I.E. “Email and Calendar Sync”. You will now have the option to select which components you would like to sync with your Apto.

    For the best experience, we recommend only syncing your calendar.

    Both Gmail and Outlook have excellent tools to sync your email with Apto in a controlled manner. The direction of the sync will dictate if events on your Apto calendar will be reflected on your Outlook or Google calendar and vice-versa.

  7. Choose which users have access to the Einstein Activity Capture by selecting the user from the left pane, and using the right arrow, found in the center, to move them to the "Selected" pane on the right. Click Next.

  8. Enter email addresses you would like to be excluded from the sync, like personal email addresses of friends or family you do not want added to Apto. Click Next when finished.

  9. Next, choose your privacy settings for sharing calendar information. Once you have decided to “Share” or “Don’t Share” click Next, review your settings and click Finish.

  10. A notification will appear at the top of your screen letting you know that Einstein Activity Capture has been enabled. Log in to your calendar to complete the setup. Click the link at the top of the page to complete the setup. This can take a few minutes to process.

  11. Click on Connect Account to provide Apto with your credentials for the sync.

  12. You will then be prompted to accept the terms and conditions for the sync and then select which provider you will be using for the sync. Clicking on your provider will then take you to a page to login to your account. Einstein Activity Capture may take a few minutes to complete the setup once you have logged in.

  13. Within Outlook, add contacts to the newly created Salesforce_Sync folder. More information can be found in Salesforce's Support article.



Next, set up your email signature for outbound emails sent from within Apto.

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