Understanding the Prospecting Console Layout

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The Prospecting Console helps you organize information in an efficient way, allowing you to perform a high volume of activity. You can access the Prospecting Console by clicking on the nine dots icon, found in the upper left corner of the Apto window, just beneath the logo.

To start, you’ll need to select the Object (Companies, Contacts, or Properties, for example) that the List you would like to call through is located in. You can select the Object by clicking the dropdown arrow on the tab to the right of "Apto Prospecting Console" in the navigation bar.

For example, if you wanted to call through your list of Office buildings, you would select the Property object, and then choose the Office List View you’ve previously created.


It’s recommended that you work out of the “Split View” display for the most efficient use of the Prospecting Console. If Apto does not default to the Split View, click on the Display As” icon, and choose Split View.


Once you’ve selected the List View you would like to call through, select the first record on the list. The Prospecting Console opens up a tab with that record where you can view the Details and Related information.

Anything that is written in blue is a relational piece of information that you can click into and view. When you click into another record, the Prospecting Console will open an additional sub-tab underneath the original record tab, allowing you to easily view multiple records in one place.


Once you’re ready to log an activity, record your interaction in the Activity Log on the right side of the record page. To learn more about logging activity, you can reference the Logging Activity article. When you’re ready to move onto the next record, you can click the X on your current tab, and select the next record in the list on the left.

Tips and Tricks

By changing the Display As value to List View, you can filter by last activity date to make sure you’re not reaching out to the same people too frequently. For more information, take a look at Creating Lists and Filtering Data.

The prospecting console can also be used with any Object in Apto, and can be a really efficient tool to fly through your to-do list in the Tasks tab!

Ever gotten up for a cup of coffee and forget the last record you were just on? You can use the History feature to quickly reference the last item you were working in. Click on the History icon at the bottom left of the page and a popup will appear showing you, in chronological order, the last records you accessed.



Next, learn how to create and manage tasks in Apto.

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